Monday, June 28, 2010

Who is the Winner? Droid X or iPhone 4G? ("iPhone Repair", "jailbreak unlock", Auckland)

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On the same month in which Apple launch the much awaited iPhone 4, Motorola held a press conference to officially announce the launching of their newest product Droid X. This is Motorola’s latest product that is expected to be the toughest competitor of Apple’s iPhone 4. Will Droid X outshine the newly released iPhone 4? This question is still to be answered. This will surely be an exciting battle between the two flagship models of their respective companies.

If you have plans of buying one and still undecided unto which model between Droid X and iPhone 4 to purchase in the future, the following comparison between Droid X and iPhone 4 might help.

First in line is its processor, both Droid X and iPhone 4 runs on a 1GHz processor.

Second, when it comes to storage, Droid X has the edge over iPhone 4 because of its 8GB onboard memory plus a 16GB microSD card. It can support microSD card up to 32GB and even extendable up to 40GB. The iPhone’s storage capacity is limited only to 16 GB.

Third, when it comes to portability, Apple iPhone 4 has the advantage over Droid X with its 2.3 inches wide and 0.37 inches thick at a weight of only 4.8 oz.

Fourth, talking about connectivity, Droid X’s ability to act as hotspot for up to 5 WIFI devices and having a HDMI output port makes it a winner as compared with the iPhone 4 which doesn’t have this feature.

Next is battery life, Droid X has a slight edge because of its battery being removable ,also talk time is 8 hrs for Droid X while iPhone has 7 hrs talk time. However, when it comes to standby time, iPhone has 300 hrs while Droid X is just 220 hrs.

When it comes to camera, Droid X is said to be the winner because of its 8MP resolution as compared to Apple’s 5 MP. It has also a dual LED flash and a real shutter button. But when it comes to videoconferencing iPhone 4 wins because of its front-facing camera that is very good for video calls. With this we can say that it’s a tie between the two because both have a distinctive feature.

And last but not the least is with regards to display and resolution capacity. Motorola has a 4.3 inch screen which is definitely larger than iPhone 4’s 3.5 inch screen. But because of iPhone 4 having more pixels per inch in its Retina display, we can say that iPhone 4 wins in this category.

Whether iPhone 4 or Droid X wins this battle doesn’t really matter. What matters most is that the consumers who intend to buy these products will be satisfied and happy with their choice. Because of this competition between Apple and Motorola consumers have the assurance that they will always come up with a great product.

So, these aren't exactly the most similar phones ever. The Droid X has Android, a high res 4.3-inch screen, Verizon, and a hump in back. The iPhone 4 has iOS, a higher res 3.5-inch screen, and some of the slimmest smartphone dimensions ever. Sure, they're both flagship handsets for their respective teams, but we'd really rather live in a world where Droid X and iPhone 4 hang out after work for drinks than one where they stab each other in their silicon hearts. Sure, there'd be a bit of banter, but isn't there always between friends? Technology Blogs

Monday, June 21, 2010

Press Announcement: Apple iPhone 3.1.3 Firmware Unlock is here (ASPA Mobile Phone Repair, Auckland)

Press Announcement:

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Effective 22 June 2010, we are able to unlock your Apple iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS which were locked out.

Besides that, we offer software upgrade service to iPhone 3.1.3 users.

We charge only $45 for inspection and this counted towards to the final cost of unlock or upgrading

WARNING: unlock exercise will erase all data contents, so please back up your iPhone before sending them to unlock.

NOTE: Unlocking of any iPhone does not cover any pre-existing hardware or software fault. If you are not, please contact us for free consultation.

If you are located outside Auckland area, you can courier in your iPhone for unlocking or update. We accept only eftpos, online bank tranfers or payment via PayPal only.

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Apple iPhone Firmware 4.0 Upgrade Available Now from ASPA Mobile Phone Repair, Auckalnd

We have the upgrade package for full iPhone 3G and 3GS upgrade to firmware 4.0, effective 22 June 2010. Please call us and book your appointment now!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

How To Unlock or Jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0? iH8sn0w Claims to Have Done it Already!

Apple announced the iPhone OS 4.0 couple of hours ago. While I was expecting one of the hackers to claim aJailbreak iPhone OS 4.0, I wasn’t expecting it so quickly.

iH8sn0w claims to have uncovered an exploit to Jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0 on his iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2G. The keys can be found here and here.

While most other iPhone hacker teams are holding their exploits close to their chest, iH8sn0w plans to release the software to jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0 beta. This move might help the Apple patch the exploit in its final release of iPhone 4.0.

Though hackers have had successfully been jailbreaking all the recent iPhone OS releases,Unlocking iPhone OS has been a challenge after the recent baseband update. There are quite a few iPhone users out there who have updated their software by mistake and now are locked with AT&T. So, I am sure there are thousands out there waiting to hear about Unlock for iPhone OS 4.0on iPhone 3G, 3G S, etc..

While we know it’s been done, we don’t know how it’s done yet. We will have our eyes open and won’t stop sniffing around for more on Jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0.

Have Patience people! Your “How to Jailbreak iPhone 4.0” or “How to Unlock iPhone 4.0” queries will be answered soon!

Update April 09: iH8sn0w denies that he has jail-broken it already but says it is definitely jailbreakble and he is working on it. However, MuscleNerd tweeted and uploaded a video which suggests that the iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbreak has already happened! We can’t wait to hear aboutUnlocking iPhone OS 4.0.

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Download Games For iPhone - Best iPhone Download Sites (ASPA Mobile Phone Repair)

Are you looking for a site to download games for your Iphone? There are a lot of sites out there for iPhone Downloads. However, a lot of them have a lot of hidden fees, restricted access, or restricted downloads. So, what are the best sites to download games for Iphones?

Lets first talk real quick about what to look for in bad iphone download sites. The first and most simple issue is having a site that has complex software. You don't want to have to read a manual just to download games to your Iphone. Just check and make sure the site promotes an easy to use program. Generally, the widely used popular sites (that we'll get to in a minute) will have good software.

The second biggest thing to avoid in Iphone download sites is "per download fees," or monthly fees. Obviously, this is no good because you are going to be paying way to much, or be unable to download what you want because of the fees. So, make sure not to use sites that have these fees.

So, what are the best Iphone download sites? The best site I have found for getting Iphone games and other downloads is through iPhone Nova. They don't have either of the pitfalls I described. They also have 24 hour support, DVD to PC software, a huge selection, and tutorials to get started with. So, go here for your iPhone Games for Download.

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iPhone OS 4 video shows new multitasking, wallpaper

In advance of Apple’s official video demonstrating the iPhone OS 4 features, a user-submitted video posted to YouTube shows an iPhone 3GS calling up its multitasking functionality, as well as displaying Home screen wallpaper, neither feature previously available on Apple’s pocket devices.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

GeoHot brings beta-jailbreak for iPhone 3GS ("iPhone Repair", unlock, Nokia, Blackberry)

Hi guys, some news forwarded to us and we like to share with you!

The iPhone Dev Team will not be happy with the activities of GeoHot. Who on their own through
their website for a jail break the iPhone 3GS released. You use at your own risk and you have
Windows (not Windows 7) and the latest version of iTunes is required. The iPhone 3GS must run
the 3.0 firmware. GeoHot explains on his website that he usually no tools for the general public,
and shall prefer to wait for the iPhone Dev Team. But in this case he sees no reason why people
should wait for OS 3.1. “So the game is played,” says GeoHot we bring something out, Apple lost it
and we (the hackers so) find new holes.

GeoHot think it makes no sense to wait because this is the last hole “in your iPhone should be.

Next week he is a new one.

The jail break method can be found at and works as follows:
1. Download the software.
2. Check whether you have the latest version of iTunes installed.
3. Connect your iPhone to normal.
4. Click on ‘Make it ra1n’ and wait.
5. After booting off your Freeze, the Installer application purplera1n.
6. Then you find your own way.
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